Dr Rosalie Chapple

Dr Rosalie Chapple

Dr Rosalie Chapple

Sessional Lecturer

Contact details

Phone: (02) 9385 5730
Email: r.chapple@bigpond.com


Room 413,  Level 4
Electrical Engineering Building (G17)
Kensington Campus, UNSW


From an early research career in animal science & a single-minded fixation on animals, I have grown to pay attention beyond just animals to people and nature and the reasons for the plight of society and the world. Consequently my research and teaching has continually expanded to address broader conservation and social issues, with my core interest being maintained on the governance and conservation of wildlife and ecosystems. 

Central to this is the challenge of integrating science and other forms of knowledge and values into environmental policy and management, and especially related to protected conservation areas. I try to practice contextual thinking and to take a problem orientation approach, to understand the factors that give rise to environmental problems. 

Currently, combined with university teaching, I am Executive Director of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Institute(BMWHI), a not-for-profit environmental organisation that seeks to put into practice the integration of knowledge into management of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. And I love taking groups of students into the forest to learn and be in nature. I am concerned with how to inspire people to care for nature, based on understanding our internal world (such as our values and beliefs) as well as our external world (based on intellectual and scientific understanding).    

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IEST5008: Ecosystem Management

Selected Publications

Chapple, R.S., Cooney, R., Jackson, S. and Doornbos, S. 2012. Cats or quolls: can keeping Australian native mammals as pets be a useful conservation strategy? Chapter in: Conservation in a Crowded World: Case studies from the Asia-Pacific. Merson, J., Cooney, R. and Brown, P. (Eds.) Published by UNSW Press, Sydney. ISBN 9781742233451. p.256-276.

Chapple, R.S., Ramp, D.R., Kingsford, R.T., Merson, J.A., Bradstock, R.A., Mulley, R.C. and Auld, T. 2011. Integrating science into management of ecosystems in the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, Australia. Env. Mgmt. 48 (4): 659-674.

Chapple, R.S. 2005. The politics of feral horse management in Guy Fawkes River National Park, NSW. Australian Zoologist 33(2): 233-246.